Relentless Area

Meet Our Relentless Area Team

Relentless: Our mission is to be relentless in our passion to become moms and dads and to reproduce ourselves. Our aim is to guide people to become fully grown, mature and lacking nothing in the Kingdom; to be part of the transformation in our community; seeing and walking in God’s promises as part of a resource church; to be sent out with the teams to the nations as sons and daughters. 

Danie and Magda Heyns

Area Leaders

Danie and Magda Heyns have been part of the Koinonia family since 2005. They started as cell leaders in Bela-Bela, where the Relentless area was born in 2010 when they became area leaders. In January 2014 the couple became part of the staff that serve the Koinonia family. Danie and Magda’s passion and heart is to live Kingdom principles and see the order of God established in peoples’ lives.

Kobie and Sonja Weideman

Cell Leaders

Our Koinonia life story started in July 2009 On 8 Oktober 2012 we agreed to become cell leaders in the Relentless Area. We’ve been cell leaders since then in Bela Bela / Settlers. Our vision for the cell goes hand on hand with Koinonia’s vision of “ From relationship to maturity”. We have a heart for people that’s been rejected or going through tough times, supporting them and showing them the Father’s Heart and to bring order in their lives.

Jaco and Anne-Mari Vosloo

Cell Leaders

We have been part of the Koinonia family for 15 years, and cell leaders for almost 13 years.We just love being cell leaders!  We love the people, we love the fellowship and we love to see people grow and bloom into their full potential.We strive to reproduce what we have learned through the years.  We also love to see new leaders growing and taking responsibility with their own cell groups.  None of which will be possible without the grace of our Father in heaven.


Cyle-jay and Natasha Pulford

Cell Leaders

We as cell-leaders are very passionate about our cell. Our hearts, first and foremost is to create a family that grows, both in maturity and number; for the purpose of multiplication. Victory comes when trust is built, so our number 1. goal is to ensure that our cell will always be a safe environment to open up and receive encouragement, with the aim to overcome the hurdles in life and keep drawing closer to the Father. We also feel strongly about God using our cell to accurately represent the local church to our community and further afield. Therefore, as a cell we take time to apply principles that are part of the DNA of Koinonia church, through demonstration and strategic equipping.

David and Charmaine

Cell Leaders

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Jorrie and Thea Vd Walt

Cell Leaders

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