Koinonia Vision

Koinonia's Vision and Mission

Vision: Impacting Communities And Beyond With The Heartbeat of Family Life  

Our Koinonia family’s mission is to see a fellowship of believers in relationship with God and with Jesus Christ as their head. Our heart is for each other and our community - where we function as a local cell-based church- , and for the nations to which God calls us to function as a resource church. Our aim is to see restoration in people through trusting relationships, where believers take responsibility of being equipped and accountable because they understand leadership and kingdom principles. Sons and daughters will grow up in the Koinonia house through a process of challenge, growth and accountability, enabling them to take His kingdom into the nations. Through loving and developing the next generation into fulfilled and matured individuals who naturally reproduce the Father’s heart and stewardship, the glory of God will be made manifest to our community, the region, and the nations.